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Completely unrelated to anything I have posted, but I wish someone in LA would give me an interview for an internship.

I’m a good intern, seriously. My resume is lacking in the right education since I’m not a design major, but if someone would just take a chance, they’d like me.

I’m a good intern.


Super frat has a hat.

Since I haven’t posted in a while, I figure I will make a cute post and a funny post quickly before bed.

So, here we go, all the cute I’ve got.


Also, I’m going to try to link all pictures that aren’t mine to sources. I don’t want anyone thinking I did all of these if I didn’t.

This week has been crazy and today is another busy day. Should die down soon though and then I can possibly post more.

So busy this week, so that’s why I haven’t really posted.

Don’t have much time today, so only one post, but some of these are my own creations.

You can tell which ones are mine. They’re the ones that suck.

I will get better.

I’m drinking a drink!

I feel no shame, I’m proud of where I came from.



Nashville is a place you come to to leave. Shania Twain did it right. She came to town, made a bunch of money, and disappeared.

Hell is other people.

A lovely, intelligent, self-possessed pediatric surgeon.

She sounds like a real whore!

My name is Meghan. Sometimes I’m happy, but I’m usually not. I have bad skin and terribly curly hair. I like to read, listen to music, watch tv – normal stuff. I like fashion, but I dress like I have no style, mostly because I have no style.

I go to Vanderbilt and study Math, English, and Corporate Strategy.

I work making costumes for minimum wage. I seriously cannot get over how much I love my job.

I just lost everything on my computer, so I have nothing. I figure, since I’m starting over anyway, this may be a good way to compile everything I like in an somewhat organized manner.

The idea of a blog seems self-important, which is hard for me to reconcile with, since I’m a pretty self-loathing person. I’m not sure what this blog is going to be like, but that probably doesn’t matter much since chances are no one will ever see this.

A few of my favorite things:

Books: A Tale of Two Cities, Invisible Monsters, Lullaby, The Great Gatsby, The Virgin Suicides

TV: Arrested Development, That 70’s Show, Modern Family, Boy Meets World, Grey’s Anatomy